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Photovoltaics (PV)

If you are in the market for a solar electric system or just curious to know more about how it works and what it entails, here are some examples of different applications for this great resource.
Solar can work effectively for those with utility power already in place to their homes or businesses. This is called grid-tied solar or net-metered solar as the meter runs backwards when solar power exceeds the loads; thereby giving the owner credit for their excess power which can be used later when the sun isn't shining. In other words you get retail price benefit for every watt you produce with no interruption in power.
Solar power also works quite well in remote settings where there is no utility line (grid). Livestock water pumping, remote cabins, boats and RVs are examples of these types of systems which need battery storage.

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A 13.4KW PV array on PT clinic in Hamilton, grid-tie.

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Inverters for above system.

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Rooftop array and inverter installation for grid-tie in Montana.

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Another inverter installation.

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PV powering an off-grid home.

Below is the Missoula City Hall with a ballasted system so the membrane roof has no penetrations.
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The crane shown below lifted the materials to the roof.

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Tracking pole mounted arrays as shown below work well for grid-tie homes or for summer water pumping to maximize the power production of the long summer days in Montana.
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As you can see, solar PV is a diverse and friendly resource which holds the key to energy independence, a clean environment and jobs that can't be outsourced.
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