In 1987 Lee built a 500KW hydro plant. It is run on a stream that goes underground a good portion of the year. This plant supplies power for 250 average American homes during the heavy run-off period from May through July. This is some of the cleanest power produced in the world and should be the first consideration when a site is available.

There are a pair of hydro plants near Lee's plant that belong to the Town of Philipsburg. We oversee the ongoing maintenance on these plants that supply power to the town for the school and the traffic lights. These are also very environmentally sound sources of power as they come from the outlet of a high mountain lake and are fed by the pipelines carrying the drinking water to the town which would be there anyway. This means the environmental impact is nearly zero.

Lee does consulting for some of the nations leading hydro turbine manufacturers. If you have a possible hydro site, Lee has developed software that can predict your power production and tell you what pipe size and turbine is best suited for your site. Contact Lee with your questions.