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Water Pumping with Solar

One of the things that solar does best is pump water. The pumps operate directly off of the solar matching DC voltages for maximum possible production. There are no batteries in the system because the tank acts as storage holding whatever the system expects to produce. Designing these systems to the number of horses, cows, bison or whatever the system needs to water; to the months and their average temperatures and solar insolation; to the solar tracker or fixed mount system, to the size of the tank and all aspects of the well itself, accounting for evaporation, shading, a dusty road nearby etc., is the job of the solar installer. A well designed system is carefree and reliable.
Below are several photos of unique solar water pumping situations designed and installed by Solar Plexus LLC all around rural Montana.
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This rancher allowed the overflow to go to her neighbor so the
cows wouldn't tear down the fence. Solar makes good neighbors.

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The water is being pumped from the pond way up the hill beyond the solar array.

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The solar above is at the top of the hill to avoid the attractive nuisance syndrome.
Once the pipe and wire are buried all that is seen from the road down below is the well head.

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Tire as storage tank.

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A float device to avoid overflow.

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All ready for the tank.

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Spring development.

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