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Solar in Montana

Free residential solar consultation in the Missoula area!

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Townsend apartment building
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90 Sharp 208 watt panels and 8 Heliodyne 4X10 Gobi collectors in Missoula.
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Montana home of Eric and Kathy Grimsrud. Eric recently wrote a book on the science of Global Warming. "Thoughts of a Scientist, Citizen and Grandpa on Climate Change". Eric and Kathy not only talk the talk, they walk the walk.
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Off grid cabins can store power during the week to be used on the week-end. Fewer panels but more batteries if that is your schedule.
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Residential grid-tie in Mission Valley. Zomeworks tracker with 12 170 watt Sharp panels.

Solar Systems are custom designed for each specific site.

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Grid-tied residential system in Missoula.
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Drive through car-port on Missoula Federal Credit Union. 60 grid-tied 216 Sharp panels on engineered structure.
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