Committed To Installing Renewable Energy Systems That Work Since 1994.

About Us

We are a family owned and operated business located in Missoula, Montana.

Solar Plexus LLC began in downtown Missoula as a retail sales and installation of renewable energy equipment business in 1994. Started by Lee Tavenner and Mary Hamilton and joined by Rip Hamilton in 2000.

We remain a retail store with renewable energy consulting, installation and customer service our priority.

We are now located at 1605 Stephens Ave. across the street from the Subaru dealership.
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We have installed a solar tracker to run the
electrical loads for this on grid country home.

References from Find Solar

Jan 9, 2012: Rip was just wonderful – a real professional, and the system he installed works flawlessly.

Jan 5, 2012: They installed PV panels & batteries for an off-grid summer cabin in a forest 80 miles from Missoula. They brought in a backhoe to expertly lay a 5-foot deep water from a well 100 meters distant through the woods to the cabin. They installed and wired an electric pump at the well head. Once the work started, everything went rapidly and smoothly. They knew their stuff. They worked long, hard hours and were a joy to work with because they were flexible and accommodated my requests without complaint. Furthermore, I appreciate that they knew their limitations, as I needed to hire an outside plumber to bring connect the water line to the cabin's interior plumbing. I definitely recommend Solar Plexus.

Dec 24, 2011: Good people to work with.

Apr 19, 2011: Rip Hamilton was willing to work with my graduate students who applied for a grant to cover the expense of the solar panels. When the funding was denied the first time, Rip contributed $500.00 toward the project and paid for all of the structural improvements that were needed on the roof of our building before the solar panels were installed. The grant was approved on the second round as we had secured multiple sources of grant money to cover the project.

Dec 10, 2010: Outstanding job - every facet...will be hiring for upgrades to water system pumping system and more panels...super outfit! Would recommend highly…. Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions… Al C.

Jan 20, 2010: Dealing with the same person from start to finish (Rip Hamilton) was Great.

Jan 14, 2010: The folks at Solar Plexus know their field and are totally dedicated to its future development.

Jan 9, 2010: Solar Plexus is a good outfit. They did a great job in a very timely manner. Communication was excellent and there were no problems encountered. We would enjoy working with them on future projects.

Jan 4, 2010: Solar Plexus staff and management worked quickly and professionally to install our 13 PV panels. They provided all necessary services from initial evaluation, design, permit application, and final inspection training.

Feb 3, 2009: Rip was always willing to answer questions and let me know of any changes.

Jan 25, 2009: I appreciated working with Solar Plexus, and felt the work was done with integrity. They were good to work with, and I would recommend them without hesitation. I felt they were patient and responsive to my questions. They also were alert to changes that would affect tax refunds or rebates, and helped make sure I had information that was beneficial for me, even though it delayed the timeframe in which they were paid. I've had my system on for 2 weeks, and have not yet had a need for follow-up communication. I am confident that it will be fine.

Nov 24, 2008: Solar Plexus was fantastic with all aspects of this project, start to finish. We would recommend this company to anyone interested in solar, wind, or hydroelectric energy.

Jan 23, 2008: Theirs was the lower of two estimates I received, and the installation was tidier than the other option (as well as using larger-capacity solar collectors, so that I could get more total wattage on my roof).

Jan 17, 2008: We contacted several contractors prior to making our decision to go with Solar Plexus (SP). SP was the most straight forward contractor and helped secure a grant from the local energy provider for incentives.

Jan 17, 2008: Lee & Rip were hands down the most experienced & knowledgeable solar dealers we talked to in the area. As contractors go on this job, they completed their work professionally and in timeliest of fashions. I have already recommended their services to others.

Jan 17, 2008: 1. They worked with us and provided excellent information, including a site visit with the Solar Pathfinder to explore building siting, way before we ever had a building project confirmed or contracted them. 2. They installed the project way before the expected schedule so the contractors could use the system to build the house, which was a significant cost savings for us not having to rent generators for construction. 3. They have provided excellent follow up after the system was installed, and helped us communicate with other subs, including electrical and plumbing issues and how they relate to the solar PV.

Apr 26, 2007: Very professional. Follow up service(after installation) was exceptional.

Apr 26, 2007: Great service and very knowledgeable, the wrong part was sent not sure if that was miss ordered or if the company sent the wrong parts, so the instal was delayed about a month. Other than that the folks at Solar Plexus are great.

Apr 25, 2007: Everyone at Solar Plexus was very professional, combined with a down to earth friendliness that made it VERY easy to accomplish our goals, confident that not only they knew what they were doing, but also, by the end of our prep work and planning prior to installation, WE knew! The final project was installed when they scheduled us, with us there getting the instruction needed to be confident in the use of it. Whenever I have called for assistance or a question they have been available 24/7 and let us know they always would be. We could not be happier to have chosen solar as our energy source, and waste no time letting people know how great it is, sending them all to Solar Plexus with no reservations!

Jul 25, 2006: They arrived on time and did a wonderful job. I have provided their information to all my friends in the area that are building new homes. Thanks for a job well done. The Smith Family

Apr 1, 2006: Very Professional team!

Sep 6, 2005: The system reduced our commercial washing costs by 50 percent; which is a great savings.

Sep 6, 2005: 4 Sharp 165w panels installed pole mount with solar tracker.

Sep 2, 2005: Lee was well educated and knowledgeable.

Aug 11, 2005: Very hard working, friendly staff.
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